Woodwork Showcase

A showcase of woodwork items produced by our talented members.
(click picture for larger version)

Various. 2017. Table (over 3m long!)

John Green. 2017. Featuring swamp mahogany, Qld red cedar, white cedar, purple heart, hoop pine, silky oak, jacaranda, camphor laurel, New Guinea rosewood and tassie oak

Over 50 hours to make. “I just keep at it until I’m satisfied”

Rod Gilbert. 2017. Table for 2017      Gympie Show silent auction

Gift Box to hold a bottle of wine.     Mark Wilson

Jewellery Box with intricate inlay pattern

Gympie G150 celebration door stops, with inlay

Jewellery Box with drawer and inset mirror

Pot-puris Bowl made out of Camphor Laurel

Not just decorative ..

Twelve sided Lazy Susan

Scroll Saw basket made from single piece of timber

Small mallet

Collapsible egg cups, Ideal if travelling

Miniature turned bucket and pen

Scroll Sawed stand with clock insert and turned pen

Cutting Board with hard Sheoak insert

Comfort birds. All lined up in a row

Comfort Birds gathered en-mass

Coat Rack with railway spikes for pegs

Bill Coles. Red Cedar Rocking Chair.

2014: Bill Coles’ famous horse. Over 100 hours in the making, donated to the club for a raffle.





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