Gympie Show Pictures – 2021

Here are the 2021 show pictures of the Gympie and District Woodworkers show stall

At the show we do demonstrations of lathe turning. This is done by various members with differing degrees of experience.

2021 show pictures
Bowl Turning By Ewan
2021 show pictures
More Turning by Ewan
2021 show pictures
Spindle Turning by Steve

We also do demonstrations using the Scroll Saw where we cut our animal shapes. The shapes are then given as mementos to the children who visit our stall.

2021 show pictures
Robyn cutting out animal shapes to give away
Doug cutting out more animal shapes
This is an example of ‘stack’ cutting where pieces of timber are taped on top of each other and the same shape is cut out on multiple layers in one pass

At the 2021 Show as at all the shows the club also gives away thousands of wooden shapes cut out on the scroll saw. These shapes are mostly 2 dimensional animals but have been as diverse as cars, boats & love hearts with many others as well. Some of the popular animals are dinosaurs, butterflies and kangaroos, while farm animals are often chosen as well. A lot of these are cut out at the club in the year before the show and augmented by others cut as demonstrations at the show.

Deirdre using pyrography to write a child’s name on the shape they chose
Jacqui,with a selection of cut-outs to choose from and then writing their name on it

If you need more information about the Gympie show then check out their web page here

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